Dark Chocolate Lowers Heart Attack, Stroke Risk | Metabolic Syndrome & Heart Disease | MyHealthNewsDaily.com

Dark Chocolate Lowers Heart Attack, Stroke Risk | Metabolic Syndrome & Heart Disease | MyHealthNewsDaily.com.

Someone ought to do some really useful research on how many hundreds [thousands?] of studies have been done, usually with public funds, on the amazing health benefits of chocolate. [This one was paid for by Australian taxpayers, with help from a drug company, but we in the USA have had, and paid for, no end of similar, repetitive urgent studies.]

These studies do have several unquestionable side benefits:

  • They keep the whole apparatus of research nutritionists, statisticians, assistants,  interns, et al, in grant monies
  • They keep mindless health journalists supplied with a predictable flow of  collusively-headlined copy
  • They corroborate and ratify the food desires and fantasies of multi-generations of yuppies, especially women, many of whom ‘feel’ thereby ‘scientifically’ ’empowered’ to denounce less enlightened mortals who eat ‘bad’ foods — like meat, for example.

Why ‘collusively headlined’?  Well, the article might much more informatively been titled:  ‘Dark Chocolate, Eaten By-Itself,  Added to Long List of Flavenoid-Rich Foods’  Leafy greens, beans, eggplants, green tea, soy products already provide ample, less expensive sources of flavenoids —- and they don’t require ten years of consumption to show meaningful beneficial results.

The unfortunate effect of the constant flow of reported-on and, yes, collusively-headlined studies blaring the great health benefits, no matter how trivial, of chocolate is to create and/or confirm, in the chocolate- and-dessert-fixated sectors of the general public, the welcome, if-erroneous, conviction that chocolate desserts, cookies, brownies are approved by ‘science, because, after all, we all know that “chocolate is good for you”.

Peter di Lorenzi


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